Steve Best   music


I began writing songs back in the 70’ and after a long time rehearsing in the lounge room I started playing in a two piece acoustic unit with Bruce Cains “Down in Goa”.  By the late 80’s the "New Wave" had reached Australia and I found myself in a band,  ‘The Quitz’. That lasted a couple of years then broke up due to creative differences... so we started another band ‘MT Buss’.  Then I went to film school and learnt about audio engineering and a lot more.  In the 90’s got my first DAW and have been composing and producing music in the digital space ever since.


Below are some of the tunes I have been working on. Most have been reworked and re-recorded many times. So there are numerous versions.


These are a small sample and may well change from month to month as sounds are added or deleted.  Thanks for listening, please share.

Run Away Train

by Steve Best

Eat Drink Sleep

they'er keeping numbers on you

taking pictures of

took the money from you

they've been listening to you

QUITZ  members

Steve Best  guitar & vocal


Steve (Harry) Harkus  bass

Peter Hutchinson guitar

Paul Clark   drums & vocals

FAME live Menai Hotel 80's
00:00 / 04:29
Stay Ahead Quitz
00:00 / 02:48
Harry and Hutch Uni Gig .jpg